About Me

My name is Judith Ann Rich and I am mother to Miss Rose Elizabeth.

Me And Miss Rose

In 2012 I became a mother to this wonderful little human.
I have had a passion for literature my entire life and my life goals have been motherhood and literary success. As a toddler I would fall asleep amid a pile of picture books, as a child I would write comic books, and as an adolescent I wrote angsty teenage poetry. I completed my first two novels in 2014 and am now on the hunt for an agent and publisher.
My first book is a children’s book about Lillly Prospero, a little girl with a special gift and an amazing pet rabbit. My second is an adult book about Juliet Rice, a woman experiencing relationships and parenthood.
I started my first blog in 2013, writing about my life raising Miss Rose. I now include my experiences as a woman and a mother, and my take on issues in the media and culture from that perspective, including feminism, sex education, and equality.
I write to be read. I have always said that whilst many handle their thoughts and emotions through listening to music, crying or talking, I handle mine through writing. I can think more clearly when my fingers are moving across a keyboard than any other time. It’s instinctive. I sometimes don’t know what’s going to happen until my fingers start moving and my brain somehow communicates directly to my hands, my eyes often experiencing it fresh. I love to write, and to write for a career is the big dream. Until then I shall write because I love it and because it’s who I am. I am a writer whether I succeed in the industry or not.

Check out my contact page and get in touch with me! I love to hear from fellow mums, fellow writers, or just anyone with an idea.


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