The Bad Reputation of Back Hair

A hairy back is one of those things that women recoil from in horror when the bodies of men are discussed. “Ewww” is regularly heard when the subject comes up.

Why, ladies, why?

A furry man is warm and snuggly. His fluffyness saves on heating bills because at night you can scrunch up into the hair as insulation, and it doesn’t matter which way he’s facing, you still get that downy, soft and super warm heated teddy bear to cuddle up to.

Waxing is expensive. I can’t afford to get all my various hairy areas waxed regularly and there is significantly less fluff on me than there is coating a man’s body. If you don’t make him get waxed he can use the money he would have spent on waxing on things such as bottles of wine and cinema tickets. Personally I would rather get sozzled with a sexy hairy man after watching the latest Avengers movie, than sit at home with a glass of water whilst my man winces as he sits on the sofa because his back skin is raw.

When a man leaves his back furr in place it suggests a degree of confidence that the waxers of the world lack. If a man can strut from the beach to the sea, or the bathroom to the bedroom, wearing his pelt with pride you have to respect it. That confidence says “what I’m going to do to you will make you forget your own name, let alone the fuzz on my back”.

Hair removal is time consuming. SO time consuming. I am a lazy hair remover but I do it begrudgingly. Every so often I smooth my legs, and my love of swimming means you know I need to keep certain southern hemisphere fluffs under control. Lady hair is finer and covers a smaller and easier to reach area. The same razor can be used multiple times and the fluff can be whizzed off easily in the shower. A bloke’s back is a significantly larger area with thick fuzzy man fur in a difficult to reach place. It would take the poor chap ages, or it would take you ages. This time that could be spent trying to make his back smooth could be spent on drinking wine, watching the latest Avengers movie, and you know… forgetting your own name. Priorities, ladies!

Give a furry man a chance. If he looks like he’s wearing a wooly jumper when he’s naked you might want to conform to societal norms and avoid it, but honestly that’s just nuts.


About J.J. Barnes

Author of The Lilly Prospero Series Writer and Podcaster at Blogger at Rose And Mum And More Contributor to The Huffington Post
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