The Jazz Pianist

There is something about talent and passion that is attractive. I don’t think it necessarily matters what the talent and passion are for, so long as they are there, but there is always something about a musician which is appealing. Perhaps it’s the skill with their fingers…

The Jazz Pianist is a smart, funny and sweet, with geeky glasses, a head of thick curls and a smile that manages to be both cocky and shy all at once. He loves his music and speaks about it with knowledge, understanding and excitement. The fact he is far too young for me and lives too far away is somewhat irrelevant, the whole package is pretty damn appealing.

Our time together is mostly just laughing and chatting, watching films, and eating chocolate. Soooo much chocolate. But there’s the other stuff that is pretty good too…

Part of the pleasure of a relationship of this nature¬†is the lack of pressure. The fact it is not destined for greatness is of no consequence. The fact we are unmatched by age, location and circumstances only adds to the simplicity. There is no need to worry about where it’s going or what we’re doing, if we take sex out of the equation then we will continue with our long distance, text based chatting and joking and making fun of one another style friendship. Neither of us is in this expecting anything other than what we have now, for however long we have it.

Apparently I’ve developed a thing for younger guys? When did this happen?

Have I conquered my daddy issues or am I just suddenly appealing to younger men and succumbing to their enthusiastic and unencumbered approach to sex? A younger man asks for nothing except your company and your time. An older man seems to be hoping, waiting, for commitment and love, two things I am not in any position to be offering.

Perhaps this is an avenue I should be less hesitant to explore… As always I shall report back…


About J.J. Barnes

Author of The Lilly Prospero Series Writer and Podcaster at Blogger at Rose And Mum And More Contributor to The Huffington Post
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