Does the size of your knickers equate to the length of your relationship?

When you’re single you wear knickers so tiny you could swallow them and not notice. Knickers so small that they disappear into your bottom.

When you’ve been married for years you wear knickers so big you could stick a pole up them and go camping.

I’m single. I recently invested in thongs. My first thong purchase in YEARS.

Technically it was for practical purposes as I wear leggings to the gym and don’t like my underwear line showing. But I won’t lie, the fact that certain people observe my derriere quite closely during my yoga sessions did make me think that said thongs would be a sound investment in a potential future sex life too.

I’m still  devotee to big pants, in certain circumstances, but more and more I find myself wearing sexy, lacey, miniature knickers even just for walking the dog or going to the shops. Not because someone will see them, but because they’re pretty and it makes me feel good to know I’ve got pretty knickers on.

I think it is part of rediscovering my “single sexuality”. Tiny pants used to be the realm of the young me. The me who went out dancing and drinking every week. The me who routinely had a couple of boyfriends on the go at once, spaced out around the country to avoid them meeting. The me who was quite happy to flash said tiny knickers whenever the mood struck.

The new single me does not go out dancing and drinking every week, when I do it is a rare occasion and I am home by midnight ready to get up at five the next day. I don’t have multiple boyfriends, but do engage in flirtations with as many men as I can fit into my schedule. I don’t flash my knickers, but I am getting more confident about wearing short skirts.

It is a compromise. The newly single me is learning about being sexy as someone older, with a different body, and different circumstances. Wearing tiny pants comes with that.

That said, today I’m wearing big shorts covered in ladybirds. Because sometimes a little lacy thong just doesn’t cut it.


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7 Responses to Knickers

  1. Jess says:

    being “newly” pregnant I have noticed my underwear draw really isn’t the prettiest of places, so I have moved from the constant wearing of girl boxers to some nice pants, not all of them are things, but pretty never the less.
    With this though I also noticed that all my georgous bra’s no longer fit and so I have no need for them – maternity bra’s and brestfeeding bras aren’t always the prettiest.

    Going out with pretty/gorgeous matching underwear always used to make me smile. I’m sure people wondered why I was smiling, but who cares? A smile is a smile, and smiles can be infectious!

    Keep up with the pretty underwear – if it make you smile and feel confident why should you stop doing it

  2. jodiebloomer says:

    Haha, another great post. X

  3. hottieonice says:

    I always have a hearty laugh when i go through some of your posts. this made my Monday morning. great read 🙂

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