Mummy’s Night Out

On a Friday I help run a playgroup at a local primary school. It’s a pretty popular group with around twenty regular attendees.

The mummies are all lovely, but we tend to know one another as “Rose’s Mum”, “Henry’s Mum”, “Marco’s Mum” etc. We know each other as just mums, and only in a mum setting.

This weekend we had our “Mummy’s Night Out”. Children were left with fathers, friends or grandparents, and the mums hit the town. We had small bags containing no nappies or wipes, wore high heels, and drank went out after dark. We talked about grown up subjects, and at one point or another each of us was hit in the face with a large, inflatable penis named “Roger the Todger”.

After the alcohol and vom fuelled debacle of my last night out, the just after my husband had left night out, I was determined to maintain an element of self control and dignity. To not make it so I cannot show my face at playgroup next term without hiding in mortified humiliation.


I spaced my alcoholic drinks with diet coke, I didn’t flash my undergarments at anyone, and, other than literally falling into the lap of a shocked (and somewhat pleased) student, I didn’t do anything untoward with any members of the opposite sex. Huzzah!

It was also lovely to get to know the mummy’s outside of playgroup. We had a genuinely nice time together. We are all very different, some loud, some quiet, some big drinkers, some careful drinkers, but we all got on. And we all had fun. There was dancing, singing, and laughing. There were selfies and sneaky photos of friends being daft.

Being a mum means having a group of fellow mums to socialise with is essential. Because other mums understand. They understand why you have to sneak off early because your babysitter doesn’t want to stay past midnight. They understand the regular checks of the phone to make sure you’ve not had any calls or texts regarding your child’s wellbeing. They too don’t have many nights out and want to recognise the rare awesomeness of being out.

Playgroup is meant for children to learn to socialise and to make new friends, but (harsh as it may sound) balls to the children. We mums need it more!

Hurray for our night out, hurray for mummy friends, and hurray for playgroup.

And hurray for me not vomiting once. HURRAY!


About J.J. Barnes

Author of The Lilly Prospero Series Writer and Podcaster at Blogger at Rose And Mum And More Contributor to The Huffington Post
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