Under The Bark

I was recently asked out for coffee by a man who, as it turns out, is extremely talented.

No, this isn’t one of those posts. He’s talented with his hands. And his wood.

He’s a furniture designer.

Jay was making beautiful furniture, hand crafted, solid wood furniture, but doing nothing with it. He had let a couple of things go to friends for free, or minimal charge, and had other pieces just lying around the garage. He made things for the love of the creation, but had no idea how to go further with it.

So I shouted at him. I told him his work is too beautiful to do nothing with, that he has too much potential to let it go to waste. I also told him that, if he’d allow it, I would help him.

The fact he only asked me out for coffee because he thought I was hot meant he was more than willing to agree, and seems to find many reasons for us to have meetings… often recommending romantic getaways for “business reasons”. Bless.

But, despite this, we have forged ahead. A genuine friendship has developed and an amazing new business opportunity unfurls before us. The business name is Under The Bark, the work is hand crafted furniture.

I am in charge of the website, the marketing, and (until we can afford a professional) the accounts. He is in charge of design and manufacturing.

Jay works his butt off, in the workshop from morning until night creating beautiful and unique pieces, each completely unique. He goes on hunts for stunning pieces of wood, recycling where he can, and giving each piece of furniture a unique history. Each one he puts a record document with, where the wood came from and how it was made. Seeing what he does, and the creations he produces, is amazing. He is a true artist and it’s a real pleasure to work with someone so dedicated.

He’s also a lot of fun and a really good friend. As I support him in living his dream of making furniture full time for a living, he supports me in starting fresh with a new business venture.

A lot of people have asked why, if he asked me out initially, and we get on so well, aren’t we a couple? Because we’re working together, and we’re friends. He’s an awesome friend. That matters more.

So, check out www.UnderTheBark.co.uk on Facebookand Twitter.

I’m so excited about this, it’s amazing quality products and a brilliant person to work with. I am very hopeful that this could lead to wonderful things.



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