New House, New Life

We have a new house. Our application was accepted and we’re in. I can’t even explain how happy about it I am.

Something has happened to me since I moved in here. I’ve changed, I can feel it. I feel more confident and more secure. I am more active, I have lost weight and I can feel myself getting fitter and stronger. I feel happier and more at home than I can remember feeling in a long time. It’s small but it’s ours.

We’re just eight minutes walk from the town centre, and this is something I make use of. Miss Rose and I are both massive people watchers, so I strap her into the baby back pack, pop the dog on the lead, and we walk. We walk into the town centre, down the high street, and back up and round. Doing that walk a couple of times a day, plus walking to the gym for a swim then home again, all with a two stone little monster strapped to my back is definitely having an effect.

And I feel sexier. I think the confidence and security of my own home has translated into a self assurance and self acceptance that I’ve never experienced before. I’m just very happy and okay with me as me.

Plus, and I won’t try and pretend it’s not played a part, the ridiculously sexy man I thought might have been flirting with me a few weeks back is now DEFINITELY flirting with me.



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3 Responses to New House, New Life

  1. jodiebloomer says:

    so happy for you. x

  2. Wow, so lucky! I’m happy for you, to find a place to call home… It’s an exhilirating feeling, isn’t it? I will be there soon, I just know it! *fingers crossed*

    I have been looking forever it seems, but the whole divorce/credit/income thing has killed my chances so far. I’ve been separated for 2yrs and living (or being squatters) in the marital home that’s been foreclosed on & auctioned off. My divorce is almost over, finally! When that happens, my income will double — which will help me move somewhere decent I hope, and hopefully before the sheriff notices me and evicts me & my kids. We need a place of our own, the kids need a home. And we all need the fresh start to what should be a positive, new life ahead of us. It’s so draining to live with an unknown hovering over your head all the time, threatening to crush you. I know that once we have a place to call home, the 3 of us will feel the weight and stress of life, lifted off our shoulders. I can’t wait! 🙂

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